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Businesses want to engage in the connected car, however, getting cars connected and managing that data flow is not a part of their core competency. Carvoyant solves this problem by enabling the data flow from all cars built since 1996 to consistently power the applications our clients build.

Carvoyant’s API takes away the hassle and complexity of the various pathways to connect with a vehicle so our clients can build meaningful integrations providing real value to their clients – TODAY.

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Optimize Your Business

Does your business use, or depend, on vehicles to deliver your product or service?  If maintaining vehicles in good working order, knowing the vehicle’s current location and communicating it to clients would help, then you need connected cars.  If finding a way to add one more sales call while on the road could improve your business, then connected car data is your answer.  

If any of this is relevant to your business, or your clients’ business, sign up and begin building a connected car solution.

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Help Consumers

Connected car data can help consumers save money on repair work and insurance policies alike.  Additionally, a connected car provide peace of mind when a vehicle is valet parked as well as when a teen (or senior) driver is out on the road.  Mostly, connected car data can help consumers’ vehicles communicate with the world around them.  

If you are building something to help consumers, Carvoyant’s tools are what you need.

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Gain Insight to Consumer Needs

Historically, reaching out to consumers was guess work to understand what consumers needed to buy and when.  Over time marketers began buying data to refine their offers to fit demographic information.  Today, in the blossoming era of the Internet of Things, the machines consumers own can tell us exactly what is needed and when.  

Do you want better insight to consumer needs?  The connected car is your step into having things tell you what a consumer needs – and when!

Use Carvoyant and get started TODAY!

Would you like to Drive a Connected Car?

Did you know if you drive a car built since 1996 you can get it connected?  Why would you do this?  Well, to have your miles automatically logged for tax purposes, to keep tabs on a teen driver, or just to put transparency into the auto repair transaction.

Oh, and if you drive a car older than 1996, hang in there it’s almost an antique!

Get Connected Now

Developers, we are here for YOU!

Like Vehicle Data, but you are NOT a developer?

Connected car data tells the repair industry when a vehicle needs service – the moment it happens.  Connected car data tells an insurer how a driver actually drives and if they are eligible for a better priced policy.  Connected car data tells gas stations if a vehicle is low on gas.  If a vehicle has not been to the grocery store for a while, than it may be time to make an offer.

Let's get some data!

Designed with developers in mind


Carvoyant provides easy access to connected car data via our API.  The API IS our product.  You build what you need to help your clients with our tools.  Carvoyant takes months off the time to go to market for connected car development and continues to support the data needs of your application.

Through the use of OAuth2 your clients can access any of the other applications built on our system that you would like them to potentially use.  And we make it easy to get started:

1.  Sign up for a Free Sandbox Developer Account

2.  Review Carvoyant’s I/O Docs and API Documentation

3.  Simulate vehicle data through your Sandbox account.  The Sandbox environment is identical to the production environment except no live vehicle data is connected.  All simulated – best way to crash a car or cause the check engine to go crazy!

4.  You like what you see so far?  Sign up for $99/year for a production developer account.  This includes a device to start feeding live data into your application.

5.  All good?  Get cars connected by contacting us (see base price list below), or offer your application to other vehicles that are already connected by other Carvoyant clients.



What Would YOU Do With Connected Car Data?

API Pricing

Broad Data $1/vehicle/month Broad data translates to being able to access all data elements collected by Carvoyant’s system.  Additionally, Carvoyant manages  the security, privacy and ongoing support of the data flow from vehicles to your application.

Carvoyant works with partners that have a fleet of vehicles that are already connected as well as cars that are not connected. If the car is not connected, and is newer than 1996, we can provision a device that plugs into the OBDII port to get the car connected.

The devices we sell connect the car to the wireless network so your application continues to receive the data it needs to function. We handle the device management, provisioning with the cell data provider, and provide ongoing support. Below are some options for purchasing more devices through Carvoyant.

A benefit of working with an open platform like Carvoyant is that other applications built on Carvoyant can be offered to drivers that are connected by other Carvoyant clients.  In other words, Carvoyant Client A sells an application to their customer along with a device to connect the vehicle.  Carvoyant Client A’s driver can now access other Carvoyant enabled applications allowing Carvoyant to share revenue with Client A and Client A’s driver having access to more choices to satisfy their need from a connected car.  A satisfied driver means a more engaged driver.  Meanwhile, Carvoyant Client B can sell their application without needing to sell a device.  Carvoyant Client A will always have the ability to “curate” the applications their drivers have available to choose.

If building an application from Carvoyant’s API is not right for you there are other options.  Carvoyant is offers an affiliate program whereby companies can define the data events, and method of communication, to trigger an opportunity to engage with drivers.  As more drivers opt in for this data sharing we will open the program to more providers.  Please click here for details.

Just Want A Device For Your Car?

If you simply want to have connected car data for your own personal use you can buy a device and set up a Carvoyant Account.  This gives you access to all the data Carvoyant collects, ability to manage alerts on your account, and access to the growing directory of Carvoyant Enabled Applications built by our Partners.

Buy a device now

 Connecting Partner OBDII Pricing for Low Volume

(call for volume discounts)

Pricing is for baseline device, additional features available for additional costs.  Contact Carvoyant for details. 

# Units Pay Upfront Front Load Monthly
10 – 999 $125 year 1, $24/year thereafter. No termination fees, unused data not refunded upon termination $95 Upfront, $3/month thereafter.  Termination fee of $24 during year one. Available on lots of 50 devices or more.  $9.75/month for 24 months, $3/month thereafter.  Termination fees apply
1000 – 9999 $99 year 1, $24/year thereafter. No termination fees, unused data not refunded upon termination $85 Upfront, $3/month thereafter.  Termination fee of $24 during year one. $8.75/month for 24 months, $3/month thereafter.  Termination fees apply
>9999 $89 year 1, $24/year thereafter. No termination fees, unused data not refunded upon termination $75 Upfront, $3/month thereafter.  Termination fee of $24 during year one. $8.oo/month for 24 months, $3/month thereafter.  Termination fees apply


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